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Popular Pinterest Hair Pins

For this post I have put together some of the most popular pins I could find on Pinterest – to see the amount of pins and likes that were given to these photos at the time of the searches you can hover your cursor on the picture. Where possible I have given a credit as per the Pinterest pin. Unfortunately most pins do not credit the source or the photographer of the photos. If you have any credit details for any of the pictures below, please inform me so that I can include the necessary credits.

Preparing this post turned out to be a very interesting exercise. My search for the most popular pins allowed me to explore what the public (or at least Pinterest users) like and aspire too when it comes to hair styles, colours and cuts.

I did various word searches on Pinterest – hair cuts, long hair, hair colour (using both spellings of the word), hair styles, highlights, pastel hair and so on.

The photos below speak volumes, giving a clear indication of what women want and what they like. Long hair, soft curls and warm tones of ombre highlights being the most popular. As you can see there no photos of short crops and very few with dark hair. You will see a few popular photo’s with braids and vibrant chalk or pastel colours, but mostly the hair styles and colours are natural and easy for a person to relate too.

Hope you enjoy looking though the pictures below, perhaps they will inspire you to treat yourself to a new look this season.

895 pins 218 likes696 pins 154 likes682 pins 167 likes656 pins 134 likes578 pins 213 likes554 pins 168 likes476 pins 114 likes470 pins 137 likes431 pins 116 likes426 pins 58 likes383 pins 87 likes359 pins 131 likes339 pins 83 likes264 pins 118 likes246 pins 90 likes290 pins and 67 likesAudrina Patridge Hair Style -  tiphani - Fans Share Images - 498 pins 114 likes portraitsofelegance.files.woman 395 pins 196 likes styles for less - 312 pins 94 likes www. like - 245 pins 67 likes - 347 pins 127 likes - 738 pins 178 likes Zimbio - 260 pins 51 likes


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Using your GHD to give your hair soft and sexy curls.

If you own a GHD, giving your hair soft and sexy curls is easier than you realize.

Start with freshly shampooed and dried hair, and don’t forget to use a thermal protector to prevent damage to your hair shaft while ironing your locks in.

It is not important to blow dry your hair into a style first, but it is important that your hair is completely dry before you start to iron it.  I suggest you tip your head over, to give lift to the roots and using your hair drier, tumble dry it till it is completely dried.

Then starting from the back take a fairly large section, about a 3cm’s square. Brush that section out, so that it is clear of tangles and knots before you iron. Take your iron in which ever hand feels more comfortable and hold your ends in the other hand. Place your heated GHD over the section, as close to the roots as possible. Then use your wrist to turn the iron over once ( a 180 degree turn). Your hair in that section should now be moving though your iron in a “s” shape. Slowing and steadily move your GHD down the length of your hair  – keeping the section secure by holding the ends with your free hand. When you reach the end of the hairs’ length be sure to feed these ends though the GHD to complete the curl.

Carry on, taking similar sized sections and repeating the process though the rest of your hair until you have done all the hair. And voila! You have a head of gorgeous sexy, loose curls. Finish with a bit of silicone shine to add a silky smooth texture and a touch of hairspray for hold and you are ready to go!

The smaller your section, the tighter your curls and for looser curls or waves take bigger sections. Give added texture to your style by taking various size sections. Or leave fine sections of hair straight to create more of a messy bed head style. Your GHD can do a lot more than give you a straight smooth look. Enjoy!

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