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Naturally Gorgeous Hair


With the increased awareness of organic foods and a return to naturally made products comes an increase in home remedies for hair.

Lemon juice to lighten, coconut oil to condition, egg for protein, avo for frizz, beer for body or honey for hydration – the question is – do these home remedies work??

While I am all for eating healthy, I do believe that organic and natural foods work when ingested. They often have little benefit when used in their raw form on the hair. They can often cause long-term damage rather than do any good to the hair.

The molecular structure of most of these products are not made to penetrate the hair shaft and give nutritional value where it is needed. They often coat the hair, giving an illusion of an instant fix, this coating is able to fill in the cracks in the cuticles and smooth the hair shaft, giving the hair a silky soft and shiny appearance. In truth, repeated layers of this kind of coating to the hair shaft can do considerable damage over time.

Perhaps the easiest way to understand it, is with an analogy of painting your nails – the nail varnish gives the nails a glossy and healthy appearance. This layer of polish through wear and tear begins to chip and flake, if you should paint another coat over the chipping layer of polish, it would look great again for a while, but repeated coats of nail varnish over time is going to damage the nail.

Using good foods that are unable to penetrate the hair shaft effectively is achieving the same result as painting layer after layer of varnish.

Foods can also be quite difficult to rinse out of the hair and not easily removed from the hair.

Today there are so many products available that work on specific hair problems, they have been scientifically designed to work on a molecular level to give you optimally healthy hair. There are also an ever-increasing amount of products available that are derived from natural substances and free of harsh chemicals and parabens.

Besides being a rather messy hair care experience, raiding your kitchen for a hair remedy is not likely to benefit you hair. Stick to eating healthily and use a good product that suits your needs instead.


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Healthy Hair


The New Year starts with resolutions. Resolutions to eat healthy, lose weight, exercise more, meditate more … so the list goes on. But how often do these resolutions include looking after your hair better. Considering that a large percentage of our resolutions are “looks” based resolutions, it is surprising that hair care is not one of them. Our hair is, after all, our crowning glory.

Eating healthy, exercising, drinking loads of water and creating a less stressful life style for yourself does of course reflect positively on your luscious locks. Extreme or severe diets do not reflect well on the hair at all. Inadequate nutrition, stress and medication can very quickly manifest in the hair. Hair can becomes brittle, lose lustre and even fall out.

The pictures I have used for this post are all from Vital By Nature, they offer very useful information and advice not only on natural hair care but on a large variety of health matter. It is definitely worth browsing though. The link below is on specific food that helps give your hair the shine and silky softness it needs. How to Improve Hair Health by Eating Nutrient-Rich and Whole Foods – by Lucy Funes  –




Another factor that has a huge effect on your hair is your handling of it when shampooing and conditioning.  Hair is weakest when it is wet and many people abuse their hair when they shampoo it. Firstly be careful not to rub and tangle your hair when shampooing. Lather the shampoo in your hands and then weave your fingers through your hair, massaging and cleaning the scalp with the finger tips. Then work the shampoo down the hair shaft without vigorously rubbing the hair. The action of the shampoo will clean the hair so it is unnecessary to aggressively rub and so knot your hair. If you need to get more lather into your hair adding more water will help. But it is important to note that often a good salon shampoo does not lather excessively.

When applying conditioner use your fingers as though they were a comb and apply the conditioner from mid lengths to ends. It is generally unnecessary to condition the scalp as the sebaceous oil from the scalp will give the scalp the nourishment it needs.

Towel drying your hair should also be done with care, it does more damage than good to rub the hair dry. Wrap your hair in a towel and gently squeeze the moisture from your hair into the towel instead.

Using a bristle brush on wet hair is also a sure way to split and damage your hair. Use a wide tooth comb when your hair is wet and a brush on your hair when it is dry, as a general rule. Often a reason for hair splitting is incorrect combing or brushing out of tangles in the hair. Comb or brush your hair from the ends or bottom of the hair length and work your way up to the roots. This is also an easier way for getting the knots out of the hair. Combing knots from the roots to the ends will only make the tangles bigger as they moves down and meet up with other tangled sections of hair.

If your hair is on the dry side try brushing it every evening with a soft natural bristled brush. The action of brushing will help the natural oils to move down the hair shaft and feed the hair. Again start from the bottom first to remove the tangles then only when the hair is tangle free start brushing from the roots to the ends, 100 strokes might be a bit tedious, but the more brush strokes the better to help more those natural oils into your hair.


A salon recommended shampoo and conditioner really does make a difference. Chat to your hairdresser as to which range is best for your hair. For the February posting of this blog I will cover in detail the benefits of using a salon shampoo and conditioner as well as the differences between salon shampoos and the cheaper off the shelf shampoos.

Don’t use rubber bands to make ponytails or braids that are not specifically for hair.  The rubber catches onto the hair shaft and can break the hair. It also breaks the hair when it tied too tight or when it is pulled out of the hair.  It is a good idea to change the placing of your pony tail, as tying your hair in the same place repetitively will weaken and eventually break the hair in that place.

It you colour your hair it is essential that you do regular in salon or at home treatments. Tints and highlights damage the hair, so replenish the nutrients and moisture with a treatment.

Here’s to 2013 and fabulous looking hair!

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