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Colouring your Grey Hair


There are very few women who don’t go grey sooner or later, and as fashionable and striking as grey hair can be, most women still prefer to colour their grey hair.

When you start to go grey, the first few grey hairs can be easily covered or blended into your natural hair colour with some highlights or with a colour shampoo. Both of these options allow for easy maintenance and upkeep.

The problems start when your grey hair is at least 50 percent of your total hair colour or more. Visits to the hairdresser become more frequent and can become quite costly. This often entices women to try out home colouring, as it seems to be the most viable for clients at the time. In fact, home colouring starts to present a whole lot of new problems.

Home colours quickly start to look artificial, the colour often becoming too dark and solid, or if blonde, becoming very brassy. This can be very aging.

It is by far better to speak to your hairdresser openly and honestly about how often you are able to come to the salon for regular maintainance of your colour. It is also essential that you discuss your budget allocation for your hair with your stylist. Costs of maintenance can be reduced considerably, by staggering the colouring processes that you do. It is not always necessary to do a full head tint often a hairline colour or few highlights or low-lights might be all that you need at the time.

One of the first problems with covering grey is that clients want to keep the same colour they had when they where young. This is often not ideal especially if that colour was a dark or medium brown.  Dark hair is aging and not nearly as forgiving as a lighter brown, honey or blonde. Not only is a lighter colour softer and less aging, it is easier to maintain, as the grey regrowth doesn’t show as quickly.

Whatever colour you tint your hair is always better to break the solidness of the colour with a few highlights. Fine highlights a shade or two lighter than the colour of the base tint colour works well as they look more natural and blend in with the overall colour, creating a look of natural elegance. The highlights also help to disguise the grey regrowth.

If you are a blonde, another option is to highlight a few different colours finely thought out the hair. This can very effectively blend the grey hair, it becoming almost imperceptible.

It is also possible to keep you grey hair colour coming though and enhancing the salt and pepper feel of the hair by adding low-lights to your already grey hair colour. This works very effectively in giving your natural grey hair striking depth and dimension.

The picture used in this post is credited as follows –

Company: Gooseberry
Hair: Gooseberry Artistic Team, Nottingham
Photography: Richard Miles
Styling: Jared Green 



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Essential Colour

Brighten up your hair this year with a bold new colour.

Have a look at some of the Essential Looks Spring/Summer 2013 Colour Buzz Collection by Schwarzkopf and be inspired!

A new colour might be just what you need. Try a bold red, a vibrant purple or a subtle coffee colour. The colours are applied in strong geometric shapes and will add dimension, texture and excitement to your hair this season.

There is a whole new world of colour waiting for you!!

All the pictures below are from the Schwarzkopf Professional USA Face Book page, like them or follow them on Pinterest  and keep updated with the latest hair trends and hair care.











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New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013

Fashion Week began in New York on the 6th of September and thanks to Vogue and WWD (Women’s Wear Daily) and their regular face book updates I have been enjoying the shows, parties and fashions here at home in Johannesburg. The pictures in this blog are all from the Vogue face book page or their website, as well as the WWD face book page and website.  As Fashion Week continues around the world, you might want to take a look at these pages or websites yourself .

Granted, Fashion Week is all about the clothes but, the hair and the make up play an important role in creating a final look. Obviously these shouldn’t distract from the look, but rather complement the designers’ collection. It is the completed look gives us a glimpse of the trends that are being set.

Below are a few of the photos from some of the designers collections. I have chosen photos because of the hairstyles in them.  I have commented on them, giving my opinion of the hair in the photo and sometimes a bit of hairstylists’ advice. Hope you enjoy them. To see who the designers of the photos below are, hover your mouse over the picture and the tag with the relevant info you need will come up.

I love pastel hair and love the mix of soft colours used here, subtle but effective. Mostly I love the way the make up complements the pastel streaks of colour.

Chic and slick, a look that never grows old. Strong clean partings were seen everywhere in the shows. A wonderful way to supplement the strong bold lines that came across in the clothes.

I love this look! Soft, feminine and sexy! The subtle use of a head scarf or band really adds to the look.

The colour of this models hair is fantastic, the depth of the solid blue creates a striking impact and completes the dress, giving it a very modern, funky edge. The solid sweep of the fringe helps to show the colour off brilliantly.

Again strong partings, the finger waves giving a timeless feel, while the low buns and braids give a modern edge. Love it!!

These fishtail braids are incredible, if you are blessed with long, thick hair you should definitely give this look a try. If you have fine hair, perhaps try achieve this look by adding an extension piece to help create the volume of hair needed.

A very striking look! Middle partings could be seen everywhere on the runway. But be aware, middle partings are great if you have model looks and a fairly symmetrical face, if you don’t, a parting will emphasize the lack of symmetry. Do your parting slightly off centre or give yourself a strong side parting for a more flattering look.

I love the flecks of colour used in this collection. Again, the colour gives the hair a more ‘now’ feel. Beautifully tailored up styles to enhance the clothes.

‘Bed head’ hair with an extreme side parting, so feminine and so sexy and so easy to achieve yourself.

The new trend in hair cuts, a mid length straight bob. As Vogue pointed out models Karen Elson, Margherita Missoni, Ruby Aldridge, and Hanne Gaby Odiele, where among those who cut their locks. An awesome new look, if you dare.

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Understanding Excessive Hair Loss

Hair loss seems to be a growing concern among women today.

So when are you loosing too much hair, what causes it, and what can be done about it??

Balding is generally hereditary, following male or female pattern thinning and ultimately resulting in permanent balding. Whereas the causes of hair loss most commonly seen in the salon among female clients is often temporary, the hair growing back once the underlying condition, is stabilized.

Firstly it is important to understand that it is normal to loose up to an average of a 100 hair stands a day. Hair follows a growth cycle, which consists of a growing stage of about 2-5 years. About 90% of the hair stands will be at this stage at one time. The next stage is the resting stage, the remaining 10% of hair will be moving though this stage to the falling out stage and then to a new growth stage in the hair follicle when the new hair will begin the growing stage again.

So what causes abnormal and excessive hair loss?

  • Hair styling routines such as tight ponytails and braiding can cause hair thinning especially around the hairline.
  • Stress or shock is another cause of abnormal hair loss, this includes the effects of sudden weight loss, illness or death of a loved one. Hair pulling is also a result of stress and leads to balding patches on the scalp.
  • Poor nutrition or a lack of certain vitamins and minerals can also cause hair to fall out. A lack of iron is a common cause of hair thinning. Crash diets and eating disorders also cause abnormal hair loss.
  • A thyroid imbalance is another common cause of hair loss. Hormones have a big impact on the hair and hormone imbalances or changes can cause hair to fall out. This is often see after pregnancy when the hormones return to normal. Another common time this type of hair thinning is noticed, is at menopause.
  • Excessive exposure to the harmful UV rays of the sun speeds up the aging process of the scalp by thickening the epidermis (the top layer of the skin) and thus increases hair thinning.
  • Infections and diseases it another cause, for example fungal infections such as ringworm.
  • Hair loss can be the result of medication, chemotherapy being the most obvious. But arthritic medication, anti depressants, heart medication and high blood pressure medication as well as steroids can all have a huge impact on the hair condition.
  • And lastly, blocked hair follicles caused by excessive sebum, sweating or over use of products can also cause hair to thin.

It is often thought that salon treatments can use hair loss but in my opinion this is not true. Salon treatments done incorrectly can use hair breakage, not hair loss.

So what do you do if you are loosing too much hair?

If necessary a trip to your local GP is recommended and have a physical examination done to find out if you have an underlying medical condition or a vitamin or mineral deficiency.

Always shampoo your hair regularly, using a good shampoo. This is especially true if you gym or exercise a lot or if you use hairsprays and other such products. There are numerous shampoos, conditioners and treatments available today that help combat hair thinning and loss. Speak to your hairstylists about a home care range that would be best suited to your hair. Eat healthy and take a good supplement. Vitamin B, iron, calcium and zinc all promote healthy hair. And be sure to get enough sleep, fresh air and exercise.

A healthy body and mind is the first step to a health head of hair.

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