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Beautiful Beach Hair

The silly season is rapidly approaching and in South Africa that means, for most of us, a holiday at the beach, with plenty of sun and sea!  After a long and hard year the December holidays are a welcome chance to relax and spend valuable time with family and friends.

With the year coming to an end and the holiday and festive preparations upon us, perhaps a gentle reminder to give your hair some TLC over the December holidays will help prevent a serious need for beach hair recovery in January.

Be sure that you are equipped with all the hair care necessities before you leave for your holiday.

A good shampoo and conditioner becomes even more essential over the holiday season. Sun and sea, as well as the chlorine or salt in swimming pools all dry out your hair. A good shampoo and conditioner will feed your hair the nutrients as well as moisture and protein it will need. Discuss with your hairdresser what is best suited to you. You might need a change from your usual shampoo and conditioner, depending on where you are going and the type of holiday you will be having.

A good UV protection spray or cream is as important for your hair, as it is for your skin. Not only will the UV protection prevent your hair drying out, it will protect your colour and save your lushous locks from sun damage.

A home treatment is a win on holiday. Leave it in your hair while soaking in the sun rays on the beach. Don’t forget to use your wide tooth comb for texture and easy detangling.

Look out for travel packs available in most salons during the holiday season. These packs often include all or most of the above mentioned products in convenient travel size bottles and will help reduce costs and bulkiness of bottles of products.

Consider having a keratin straightening treatment at this time of year. The straightening treatment is great  for easy to manage beach hair, it reduces the frizz and keeps your hair style in place with very little fuss. A definite win for low maintenance gorgeous hair all season long.

A good styling product is a lso a must for low maintenance hair on your holiday – a curl taming cream or silicone based  product will give your hair the control, soft manageability and subtle texture you need on holiday.

A wide scarf wrapped around your hair or a  fashionable braid is a wonderful  way to stop the wind blowing your hair and making it unruly.  A french braid or fishtail braid is ideal for a fabulous beach look this summer.

For step by step instructions on all the fantastic beach hair styles I have used in this post please go to


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