Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013

Paris Fashion Week was certainly not lacking in WOW Factor! Attention was paid to the hair in many of the shows, the hair creating an impact, some of it beautiful and some of it not. As with my blog on Milan Fashion Week all the images below have been taken from WWD. It has been a pleasure to view their website during the Fashion Week shows. They have consistently given us, the public, a detailed account of the shows. To see the details of the designer and photographer for each picture hover your mouse over the image and the information tagged will come up.

The hair in this collection is great! The short cropped fringe is a wonderful way to frame the face, whether straight or jaggered a short cropped fringe gives any hairstyle a fashionable and funky edge.

The Louis Vuitton collection is one of my favourite! The clothes awesome and the hair certainly made a statement with every model having a sixties beehive with a white Alice band and bow. The beehive, as classical as the bob is definitely a look try out. The height on the crown and the low swept fringe is always complementary to any shaped face.

For the runway this hair works in creating a strong geometric shape, for you too wear every day, this is certainly not a look I would recommend. I like hair to look healthy and shiny, no matter what the style.

Vivienne Westwood models for the show had big theatrical hair to say the least, can’t say I liked the hair much. This photo is one of the better hair images I found from this collection.

The hair bands in this collection definitely add to the fifties feel of the collection, although at times they add more of a sporty outdoor feel to the clothes. Got to say I love the look!

Gaultier’s 80’s pop revival collection is great, but when it comes to hair the 80’s I am too much reminded of bad perms and poodle like hairstyles. Proceed with caution …..


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