New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013

Fashion Week began in New York on the 6th of September and thanks to Vogue and WWD (Women’s Wear Daily) and their regular face book updates I have been enjoying the shows, parties and fashions here at home in Johannesburg. The pictures in this blog are all from the Vogue face book page or their website, as well as the WWD face book page and website.  As Fashion Week continues around the world, you might want to take a look at these pages or websites yourself .

Granted, Fashion Week is all about the clothes but, the hair and the make up play an important role in creating a final look. Obviously these shouldn’t distract from the look, but rather complement the designers’ collection. It is the completed look gives us a glimpse of the trends that are being set.

Below are a few of the photos from some of the designers collections. I have chosen photos because of the hairstyles in them.  I have commented on them, giving my opinion of the hair in the photo and sometimes a bit of hairstylists’ advice. Hope you enjoy them. To see who the designers of the photos below are, hover your mouse over the picture and the tag with the relevant info you need will come up.

I love pastel hair and love the mix of soft colours used here, subtle but effective. Mostly I love the way the make up complements the pastel streaks of colour.

Chic and slick, a look that never grows old. Strong clean partings were seen everywhere in the shows. A wonderful way to supplement the strong bold lines that came across in the clothes.

I love this look! Soft, feminine and sexy! The subtle use of a head scarf or band really adds to the look.

The colour of this models hair is fantastic, the depth of the solid blue creates a striking impact and completes the dress, giving it a very modern, funky edge. The solid sweep of the fringe helps to show the colour off brilliantly.

Again strong partings, the finger waves giving a timeless feel, while the low buns and braids give a modern edge. Love it!!

These fishtail braids are incredible, if you are blessed with long, thick hair you should definitely give this look a try. If you have fine hair, perhaps try achieve this look by adding an extension piece to help create the volume of hair needed.

A very striking look! Middle partings could be seen everywhere on the runway. But be aware, middle partings are great if you have model looks and a fairly symmetrical face, if you don’t, a parting will emphasize the lack of symmetry. Do your parting slightly off centre or give yourself a strong side parting for a more flattering look.

I love the flecks of colour used in this collection. Again, the colour gives the hair a more ‘now’ feel. Beautifully tailored up styles to enhance the clothes.

‘Bed head’ hair with an extreme side parting, so feminine and so sexy and so easy to achieve yourself.

The new trend in hair cuts, a mid length straight bob. As Vogue pointed out models Karen Elson, Margherita Missoni, Ruby Aldridge, and Hanne Gaby Odiele, where among those who cut their locks. An awesome new look, if you dare.


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