Coping with Curls

So many of us have been blessed with curls and far to many see these curls as a curse. Curly hair can be one of your best assets if you learn to embrace them and learn to love them! But first you need to understand how they work and how best to maintain your gorgeous locks.

Curly hair does not respond the same way straight hair does and thus needs to be approached differently to straight hair. Rule number one is don”t try to brush your curls out, this will only separate the curl and create a frizzy appearance. I would even go as far as saying don’t run your fingers though your curls, again you will lose the definition of the curl and end up with a frizzy un-kept look. Curls work best with as little fuss as possible.

Finding a product that best suits your curls is most likely to be the most challenging part of creating defined and controlled curls. The product you use will depend on the texture of your hair and tightness of your curls. Curl defining creams give a more natural and softer control to curls. Whereas a mousse or gel tends to give a crisper, harder and more structured look. There are a fortune of products available, and unfortunately finding the one that you prefer is a matter of trail and error. I do recommend that you stick to a salon product for styling your curls, as curly hair tends to need more moisture than straight hair and often a supermarket product will not nourish your curls sufficiently. If you absolutely cannot afford a good styling product using conditioner to control your curls works very well, although conditioner can leave the hair feeling sticky and looking flat. Because of the texture, curls reflect less light than straight hair and don’t have as much shine, so using a silicone shine spray does wonders for curly hair! Don’t go without it, it will finish off your style beautifully.

Apply your product to wet, clean hair. Concentrate the styling aid on the ends of the hair and scrunching it in. Then either allow your hair to dry naturally or diffuse your hair dry to add extra curl to your style. It’s as simple as that, remember, the less you fuss – the better. When it is dry you can create extra volume and separation to your curls, by tipping your head upside down and shaking your curls loose from the roots only. This will give your curls a soft romantic look. And for a more fashionable ethereal feel to your curls you can slightly tease of your curls with a wide tooth comb.

Enjoy your curls, yes, you might not look like every other girl in town. But why would you want too – you were born to stand out!



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